About Us

Advantage Financial Funding Corporation was founded by an attorney in 1993 for the purpose of furnishing high-value mortgage services to homeowners.  In 2003 the company added title insurance services, integrating those services with its mortgage products to add more value and efficiency for our homeowner clients.  

Advantage has occupied its current offices in Exton, PA, since its inception.  Most mortgage companies during this period followed boom and bust cycles, and have come and gone.  In contrast, we have proven that steady and reliable professional service and advice, and consistently providing exceptional value to our clients, is what assures lasting success. 

We have built our reputation on quality representation combined with exceptional low-rate and no-cost mortgage financing, combined with no-fee title services.  By consistently delivering outstanding service and ensuring the highest satisfaction for our clients, the company engages in virtually no marketing or advertising, relying almost entirely on repeat business from our existing client base and their referrals. 

HomeRun has been in development for a number of years.  The benefits to consumers are obvious, and the time has come to make it available to existing and new clients.  We look forward to meeting you, and making your home-buying experience truly the best it can be.