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Complimentary legal representation is offered through the Home Run program.  

When buying a home, very few homebuyers go to the trouble and expense of identifying, selecting, and paying for an available attorney experienced in residential transactions.  Instead, homebuyers normally rely solely on the advice and guidance of their real estate agent.  That may get you through, but you can have more.

You should be represented by a real estate agent who is experienced, skilled, and service-oriented…..and, ideally, one who specializes in buyer representation.  But your agent is not an attorney, and is prohibited by law from providing legal advice. 

All real estate purchases are governed by the terms of the agreement, and applicable property and contract law.  This often places the agent in the position of realizing a legal issue exists, but also knowing they are unable to advise you.  With this “expertise gap”, both you and your agent may be moving forward without a full understanding of your rights and obligations under your agreement of sale, leaving you potentially vulnerable.

Why drive blind?  Not only can it heighten your stress level (and perhaps your agent’s too), but you risk potential liabilities and a weakened bargaining position.  Your attorney can provide both you and your agent with the clarification and guidance you need to move forward confidently. 

With the benefit of legal back-up, your agent can negotiate from a position of greater confidence and strength.  Further, you can speak with the attorney directly whenever you feel you might benefit from advice or clarification of any issue or concern. Appropriate modifications and addendums to the agreement of sale can be drafted by your attorney, rather than the agents, making matters simpler for all and ensuring your interests are protected.  And if any potential issues with the seller may arise, you and your agent may decide that a simple phone call by your attorney to the seller’s agent, if appropriate, can resolve an issue promptly and efficiently, saving time and aggravation for all parties.

The service is offered for matters directly relating to the purchase transaction.  These include your rights and obligations under the agreement of sale, and related matters necessary to facilitate the transaction and which normally require legal expertise or knowledge, within the attorney’s judgment and discretion.