"Triple Play" Clients Receive Attorney Services at No Cost

 Hiring an attorney for a residential transaction can cost many hundreds of dollars, but with Triple Play you receive legal representation at no cost to you. 

Your experienced real estate attorney is available to assist in those areas where legal expertise and educated judgment can be valuable and useful in a residential transaction.  These include issues governed by contract law, property law, title and tax issues, and other areas where legal expertise can benefit you. 

Your attorney can be particularly helpful with your agreement of sale by fully explaining its terms and conditions, and drafting precise and protective language for special contract clauses you may need.  (Your Realtor cannot give legal advice in preparing your contract.)  You get timely and efficient assistance that is in your best interest.  Your attorney also can help you fully understand your rights and bargaining position if any contract issues, re-negotiations, property questions, seller breaches, special circumstances, or financial and tax concerns may arise. 

Knowledge is power, the power to make better decisions and get better results.  Realtors are not versed in the law, and may have interets in the transaction that may prevent them from fully advancing yourinterests.  An expereinced attorney fills the need for sound legal judgment when you are experiencing conflict or uncertainty.  Making a mistake can cost you, so know your rights and avoid unnecessary risks.