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Welcome to HomeRun, where buyers win

HomeRun is offered to a limited number of homebuyers each month.  The first step is to register.  You receive priority on a first-to-register basis. 

If you already are shopping for a home, register immediately to qualify for HomeRun benefits.  If you plan to begin shopping for a home at any time in the next 12 months, you should register now to reserve your place in the program.

Register for HomeRun below.  Your registration will be confirmed via email within 24 hours.  Be assured that your registration information is solely to reserve your place for HomeRun, and is not furnished to any third party for any purpose.  You will be contacted only by HomeRun, to confirm your registration and to discuss how to utilize HomeRun for maximum benefit to you, beginning right now

Welcome to HomeRun, and congratulations on the smartest decision a Pennsylvania homebuyer can make.

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